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Posted by: Jacoba Mendelkow on Apr 18, 2012

4th Annual Milford Renewable Energy Fair- Hosted by SUTREC

The 4th Annual Milford Renewable Energy Fair will take place on April 26th.  Sponsored by the Southwest Utah Renewable Energy Center (SUTREC), the fair is expected to attract 900 people from all across Utah and Nevada to Milford, Utah. The highlight of the fair is an electric vehicle endurance race that pits high school student teams against each other in a battle of engineering, science and driving skill.
Andy Swapp, a career and technical education instructor at Milford High School, originally organized the fair to help his students connect with major players in the growing field of renewable energy. “It’s meant to be a lot of fun, but it’s also a look at the future of energy,” he said.
As the home of First Wind’s Milford Wind Project, the Blundell Geothermal plant, the Cyrq Energy Geothermal plant and Utah’s first hydroelectric power plant, Beaver County and the City of Milford is a logical choice to host the energy fair.
SUTREC will unveil its new Renewable Energy Education Trailer which is designed to take learning on the road. The trailer features a 1 kilowatt solar array, a 100 watt wind turbine, access to a full battery bank and other teaching technology. The trailer will serve as a mobile classroom to train and educate individuals and communities about renewable energy, energy efficiency and alternative fuels, including several functional and accessible renewable technologies. Visitors to the SUTREC Renewable Energy Education Trailer will be able to experience renewable energy up close and gain a solid sense of how it works and how much power it can provide.
The Milford Fair also includes over 40 vendors displaying the latest in renewable energy, energy efficiency, biomass and alternative fuel technologies including several natural gas and electric powered vehicles.
Universities, government agencies, energy industry leaders, students and scientists will all have displays to educate the public on the latest advances in renewable energy and energy efficiency.
Samantha Mary Julian, Director of the Utah Office of Energy Development will address the crowd and will also present Andy Swapp of Milford High School with a congressional tribute from Senator Orrin Hatch.
Educational breakout sessions will feature two 20-minute workshops providing an overview of wind and solar energy.  Fair participants will also enjoy watching several high schools compete in four renewable energy related competitions.
The event will begin at 9 am on April 26th at Milford High School in Milford, Utah (62 North 300 West).  Booth displays will be open until 2:30 pm with the electric car race beginning at 11 am. Attendance is free, and the public is encouraged to participate and learn more about the future of renewable energy in Utah.
For those who are unable to attend the event in person, Utah Public Radio as well as 95.9 KZHK will both be broadcasting live from the Milford RE Fair from 9 a.m. to noon.
The fair is made possible through support from; First Wind, Rocky Mountain Power, Utah Department of Workforce Services, Salt Lake Community College, Utah Office of Energy Development, Cyrq Energy, Beaver County, enXco, UAMPS, Milford Chamber of Commerce, USTAR and SUTREC. Funding support for the both the fair and SUTREC Energy Education Trailer has been provided by the U.S. Department of Labor.
The Milford Renewable Energy Fair has quickly turned into an iconic rural event for Utah promoting energy, education and the economy.  In April 2009, SUTREC hosted the 1st Annual Renewable Energy Fair at Milford High School which was attended by over 300 people including: The Utah Renewable Energy Zone Task Force; numerous members of the Executive and Legislative branches of the Utah State government including former Utah Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.; six high schools, one middle school and three universities; and renewable energy industry leaders from dozens of companies. Five electrathon cars and two hybrid fuel cars participated in an hour-long race. Governor Huntsman signed Senate Joint Resolution 10, which provided legislative support to establish a renewable energy center in Beaver County.
The 2nd Annual Renewable Energy Fair at Milford High School on April 29th, 2010 was even more successful. A spring snow storm dumped four inches of snow the morning of the event but over 650 individuals still attended including students from several high schools, faculty and students from five colleges/universities and industry leaders from all over Utah. The fair included 41 booth displays from industry leaders, state agencies, colleges and universities, a hybrid Le Mans race car and the award winning film “Wind Uprising”. Despite the snow, a solar electric car race was also held for four high schools. Dianne Nielson, Energy Advisor to Governor Herbert addressed the crowd regarding ‘energy, education and the economy.’
The 3rd Annual Milford Renewable Energy Fair in April 2011 continued to build on a very successful tradition. Over 750 attendees enjoyed 34 booth displays representing all facets of renewable energy, three student competitions, including the electric vehicle endurance race won by San Juan High School and breakout sessions on solar and wind energy. Ted Wilson, former Mayor of Salt Lake City and Senior Advisor to Governor Gary Herbert on the Environment, gave the keynote address highlighting the social and economic value that renewable energy has brought to the community of Milford.
The fair’s host, the Southwest Utah Renewable Energy Center (SUTREC), is a partnership consisting of: Beaver County, Beaver County School District, Milford High School, Milford City, Southern Utah University’s Office of Regional Services, the Southern Utah University Business Resource Center, Southwest Applied Technology College, the Department of Workforce Services and the Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative.
SUTREC showcases and promotes renewable energy in the resource?rich area of Southwest Utah. SUTREC Partners cooperate to advance renewable energy education, training, research, technology and production leading to high?skill, high?wage employment, career and entrepreneurial opportunities.
For more information on the Milford Renewable Energy Fair, contact;
Jake Hardman, SUTREC Coordinator or visit