Commercial Enterprises

Utah State University has refashioned the way in which it conducts its technology transfer operation. Our new unit, Commercialization & Regional Development, represents the entire university and derives its strength from USU's world-class faculty, students and staff.

In just one year, our Commercial Enterprises unit has worked closely with our academic and industry partners to develop new technologies by "spinning-in" business innovation opportunities. One such innovation has led to industry-sponsored research and $15M in future revenue.

From severe weather sensors that fly in geosynchronous orbit to synthetically bio-manufactured products, our Commercial Enterprises team is working with our USTAR hires, our academic colleges, and the Space Dynamics Laboratory to develop new technologies for the market place—and we are asking the marketplace what it needs.

It is our desire and our commitment to protect USU's intellectual property and to develop relevant, practical technologies with industry so that we can appropriately leverage the intellectual, financial and creative assets of Utah State University.


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Research & Commercialization

  • In the last four years, Utah State University has invested over $160 million in new research facilities.
  • The Utah Science, Technology and Research initiative is state-funded and designed to build the academy, leverage research opportunities, and create new technologies that will drive economic development and provide new revenue streams to higher education.
  • USU USTAR researchers now number 32 (13 USTAR professors and 19 research affiliates). $19 million in external funding has been secured by USTAR researchers.
  • Commercialization of USU research discoveries continues to grow. USU is pursuing 57 active commercialization projects: 42 early-stage pipeline projects (8 in $1 billion-plus markets); 70 new invention disclosures; 20 patents filed; 6 new companies have been formed since January 2011.